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Creating A New Website For Your Church

I think that a website would be a great idea for our church. But, how do I create a website for my church?


A church website can be a great place to keep your congregation up to date of any church related news and upcoming events. It can also be used to share photos and inspiring passages.

But creating a website is hard, isn’t it? Not at all. You just need the right tools.

How do I make a website for my church?

There are several parts of creating a church website. While this is by no means a complete, comprehensive list of everything you can do with a website, this should get you started.

Here is a list of services that are required to host a website. While it may seen like a lot, this can be purchased form us on our website or from your client area.

Domain NameThis is your name on the internet.
Web HostingThis is where you will build and host your website.
Email HostingTypically included with your web hosting, this is where you will manage your email accounts.
Other ServicesThere are several other products and services that can improve your website.

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What is a domain name?

In order to host a website, the first thing you need is a domain name (for example, is a domain name). Your domain name will be the name of your website, and will be attached to any email addresses that you set up.

You want your domain name to be recognizable by your potential users, and should be easy to remember. While you may not be able to get the .com domain name you want, there are several other tlds that you can use (we recommend the “.church” tld for a church website).

You will also want to try to keep your domain name short. While just having your church initials may not be memorable, you do not want the domain so long that it will be difficult to type.

You can purchase a new domain name from your client area. If you don’t know how to access your client area, you can find out here.

If you do not have an account with us, you can still access the domain search function here. If you decide to purchase a domain from us, your account will be created at the same time.

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What is Web Hosting ?

Once you purchase your domain name, you now need a place to build your website. This is where web hosting comes in. You will need a place to store your website files and allow it to be available to the internet. Luckily, we offer several options when it comes to building your church web site.

cPanel based shared hosting

The best, all around option for web hosting is a shared, cPanel based, web hosting package. This will provide you with a web based interface that you can use to manage all of your website files, as well as your email accounts. You can find more information on using your cPanel here.

From your cPanel, you can upload site files from your own website builder software, use the built in tools to install a WordPress site or use one of the many scripts using the included Softaculous Apps Installer.

VPS hosting

While more aimed at advanced web hosting requirements, you can host your website on your VPS, or Virtual Private Server. While a VPS can offer more customization and performance, it is also requires much more maintenance and know how. A VPS is not recommended for a new user.

Website Builder

If you are looking for an easy tool to host and build your website, our Website Builder service is perfect for you. This service will have you building a fresh, new website in no time.

The simple interface and drag and drop function will let your build a professional website that includes all of the features you would expect for a website. You can purchase this service from your client area to get started.

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What is email hosting?

Now that you have your new domain and website, what else can I do to build my web presence? How about creating your own, domain based email accounts. Having an email mailbox using your own domain makes it look more professional and helps with the recognition of your domain name.

If you have cPanel based hosting, you will be able to create and manage your email accounts from your cPanel.

You may also want to check out this page on forwarders and aliases.

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What other services are available?

Now that you have a domain and a home for it, you may be wondering if there is anything else that you need for your new website. While not required, we have a few options for additional services, all of which are available in your client area.

DIY Logo Maker

You can use our Do-It-Yourself Logo Maker to create a new, professional logo for your website. You can also use this logo on your website, your email signatures and even your contact cards.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate will help your Google rating and show your users that your site is encrypted and secure. And, you will not have to worry about your potential visitors getting scared off by browser security warnings.

Search Engine Assist

While more directed at business websites, our Search Engine Assist service (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) will help streamline your website to help with it’s Google rating and help your site get noticed on the web.

Email Defense Filtering

One of the downsides of emails is spam. We all get it, and we all hate it. You can reduce the amount of spam that you receive in your mailbox by purchasing the advanced email filtering service. This service will filter your mail and reduce the spam you see in your mailbox.

SiteLock website security and monitoring

You can purchase SiteLock security services from your client area to assist with keeping your site updated and safe from hackers. This is very beneficial, especially if you have a WordPress site.

Dedicated IP address

If you send a lot of emails, it may be ideal to have your own dedicated IP address for your hosting. This will help maintain your domain reputation and reduce the risk of your email being flagged as spam.

Fax to Email service

There are still sometimes when you need to send something by fax. But the big machines are expensive, and the little ones are unreliable. Using our Fax to Email service, you can have a Fax number without needing a physical machine. You can send faxes from your email or web interface and incoming faxes go directly to your email account. Less paper, less expensive and way more convenient.

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If you have any further questions, please be sure to reach out to our support staff by using our chat service in your client area or by submitting a ticket.