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Accessing your cPanel

How to access your cPanel to manage your webhosting services


If you have a cPanel based shared hosting service, you can manage your domain applications and services from your cPanel. This includes managing your email accounts as well as creating and updating your websites.

Accessing the cPanel

There are several methods of accessing your cPanel.

Client Area

You can access your cPanel using the punch through in the client area.

If you don’t know how to access your client area, you can find out here.

Once logged in, click on the Services block.

Links to the main sections of the client area.

You should now see a list of your services. Click on the cPanel service to access its management page.

The My Products & Services homepage.

Once the Service page loads, you should see a menu on the left hand side called Actions.

The Actions menu in the cPanel management page.

Click on Login to cPanel to log into your cPanel (you do not need your cPanel credentials for this method).

Direct with domain

You can also log into the cPanel directly from your browser using one of the following links:


This method requires your cPanel credentials. It also requires that your domain A record is pointing to our server. If your domain A record is not pointing to our server, you would need to replace your domain with the server name:


If you do not know the name of the server you are one, please reach out to us using either the chat service in your client area, or by submitting a ticket.

If you have any further questions, please be sure to reach out to our support staff by using our chat service in your client area or by submitting a ticket.

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